Mainstreamimages website User Notes to purchase/view images

1.Log in with username and password (case sensitive)

2. To find an image use the 'search free text' - input one word only i.e. 'door', to search on more than one word i.e. 'white door' use 'advanced search' . Submit.

3. To find a job use 'search job no/ref number' input the first 4 digits from the 8 digit number that you have, the first 4 digits are the job number, digits 5 & 6 are total number of images in the job, and digits 7 & 8 being the image number. Submit.

4 To put images into a light box 'click on 'my lightbox' and either click on ' New Lightbox' or click on an existing named lightbox you have already created. To move an image(s) to your lightbox click the orange tick under the image, to remove from your lightbox click the orange cross under the image in the lightbox. To name your lightbox click on 'Rename lightbox' type name in grey field and click on 'Rename' . When all the images you wish to purchase are shown in the lightbox, to continue click 'Order Lightbox' - purchase not yet confirmed.

5. 'Your Order' is displayed showing the image(s) chosen. From the drop down menu next to each image choose the size to be used and click 'Update' to display cost. Click 'Confirm' to accept image rates - purchase not yet confirmed.

6. Complete the details on the 'Order Confirmation' page.

Title of Article - Title of Article & page no. if known

'Publication Title' - Name of the magazine

'Publication Date' - Publication date

'Purchase order number' - purchase order number or name of person with authority to purchase the images on behalf of the company. Click on 'confirm' to place order and purchase images - purchase confirmed, you are now committed to purchase.

7. You will receive an email invoice showing our bank details for payment, please pass this on to your accounts department.

8. Your image(s) are now being converted from the original HiRes tiff(s) to HiRes jpeg(s). Please do not navigate from this page until conversion completed - this can take 1-2 minutes per image, you will receive an e-mail when conversion is completed or advising that the image (s) will be scanned and available for download within 24hrs.

9. When conversion is complete the image(s) will be displayed as 5, 10 or 20meg, to down load right click on the file size you require and 'save target as' to your desk top or other.

10. Once purchased images can be downloaded at any of the Mb sizes as many times as required, provided the usage of the file is for the use stated on the order. For any other use a new order must be placed.

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