While half of you will still be writing and scratching your heads about Christmas,
the other half will be deciding “what are 
going to do next year”. Well here’s a
couple of new year solutions for you
to start with.

This month will also see us going back 
to a more classic style of newsletter,
with a selection of family, artistic and colourful homes features...


      Children's Dens                                                                     Room Service
Children's rooms have always been a troubled area of style,        In most homes space is at a premium. So what
      to many of us choosing the option of "don't go in there, it's          happens when someone in the family needs more
      the kids room". Here are a few ides that meet all of our               space, a workroom, study, a studio of just a room
      children's aspirations and can be kept tidy and looking                for visitors. Here we look at all aspects of making
      good... click here                                                                     more of your multi-purpose new room... click here


Stylist Hannah Simmons’s Edwardian home is a tranquil mix of flea market finds and classic furniture which provides the perfect environment for her hectic London lifestyle as an interior stylist. Despite working in the world of interiors, Hannah has shyed away from bold colours and wallpapers in her home. ‘I want to come home to a calm and serene sanctuary’. She added touches of character and personality with accessories and flowers... click here

Base Camp
      When adventurers Jo Vesty and Steve Brooks stopped globetrotting and decided to
      start a family, adapting their West London house became a challenge all of its own.
      Their home is very much about embracing the challenges of family life full on, and
      the house has been subtly but clearly divided between the children’s fun, colourful
      spaces and the more sophisticated grown-up areas. “We hadn’t intended to do
      much in the way of alterations but the project grew in that sort of, ‘Oh, actually,
      could we…?’ sort of way.”...
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All Souked Up
Architect Annabel Karim Kassar has given that ethnic look an
edgy twist in her London Townhouse. “As an architect, I design everything first, then make it work,” she says. From the traditional Lebanese tiles in the kitchen to her trademark mix of North African and modern design – “As it is a Victorian house, I was influenced by the idea of them on their grand tour bringing back things from different places and superimposing them together....
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Drawing Rooms
It took artist Sue Williams A’Court and her graphic designer husband ten years
      to remodel their Edwardian house in North London. But now, with its two attic
      studios, it is both the perfect workplace and a stylish family home. Williams 
      A’Court has effortlessly blended modern and classic styles to create a calm 
      and elegant home... click here



Sweetness and Light
Luxury chocolatier Louise Nason and her family have enlivened their spacious West London home with a pick and mix of quirky and clever accessories. The building work included opening up the basement kitchen and dining area. White walls and pale furniture keep it light, but items such as shell-like seventies lights and a starburst mirror add a touch of colour...
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      Grand Designs
      When artist Oriel Harwood took on a South London house that had fallen foul 
      of Sixties fashion and had its architectural heart ripped out, she wanted to give it 
      back a little soul. Fourteen years on, the Queen of Baroque has certainly stamped 
      her personality on her Georgian home. For 25 years, Oriel has championed this 
      ornate European style, taking inspiration from its classic extravagance and 
      reinterpreting it in a contemporary fashion... click here



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