Joachim Jurke

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Jurke is one of Berlin’s leading architects and amongst recent projects has designed a wall-hanging kitchen system for the international company Bulthaup. Jurke also designed his own home, a family home arranged to cope with the needs of his two growing children. Downstairs there is a long hall which acts as an air vent between the front door and the rest of the house. The inner wall is opaque glass and become a feature when lit from the sitting room. The open plan kitchen, living and dining area is bright and overlooks a garden. The basement contains a games room, study and utility space and upstairs, reached by a spiral staircase which has a heated central column, are the bedrooms and bathrooms. The spiral staircase ensures that the core of the building is warm, and the hot air rises to the upper level. At one end is the main bedroom and dressing area with bathroom, at the far end is the children’s wing, which can be closed off by a sliding wooden door, which makes the end of the corridor in to a room for friends to sleep over. Writer

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