Andy Martin

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Australian architect Andy Martin and Norwegian art consultant Madeleine Heide-Paus have led the classic W11 lifestyle, living just a stone’s throw from pubs like The Cow and The Westbourne and 200 yards from the Portobello Road, their bijou flat is in prime Notting Hillbilly territory. They met in legendary west London boîte Woody’s in 2002 and moved into the one-bedroom basement flat in 2004, when Madeleine was expecting their first son Eero. Since then Martin has totally reconfigured the interior, increasing volume, reversing the layout and adding a bedroom. “Structurally it was quite an ordeal,” he admits, “costing around £25,000 but it made it a more interesting space. It’s a great summer party house we used to barbecue with friends almost every night, although with two children now we don’t do that so much anymore.” They now share their pad with three and a half year old Eero and one-year-old daughter Panama, but aside from a pirate ship and lime green Magis Puppy seat, their home lacks the usual Fisher Price chaos and remains remarkably clean and uncluttered.

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