The Black House Meredith Bowles

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When novelist Jill Dawson and her husband, architect Meredith Bowles, decided to exchange Hackney in East London for the country life, it was logical to drive up the M11 in search of the perfect location. What was not so predictable was their decision to buy a piece of land - as opposed to a house - and set about creating a home far from the ordinary. They found the perfect plot in the wild, windy landscape of the Cambridge fens with views over open fields and open skies to Ely cathedral. Three years later, they are the proud owners of a house that is the talk of the neighbourhood and the toast of the architectural community. The Black House lives up to its name, encased as it is in black corrugated cladding more usually found on agricultural buildings in the area. You would be forgiven for thinking this might make the interior of the house dark and gloomy, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Black House is light years ahead in more ways than one. Not only is it firmly rooted in the landscape, but it is a blueprint for how a truly eco conscious home should be constructed. Writer

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