The Cob House

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Cob is an ancient building method employing a mix of local clay and straw, it has been used in the construction of adobe houses in South America and rondavels in many parts of Africa, as well as cottages and traditional buildings across Britain. “What appeals to us is that it is an ecological method of building” explains Adam Wiseman an American who, with his partner Katy Bryce, learnt their building skills in Oregon where the Mexican adobe style dwellings are much in demand. Their company, Cob in Cornwall, does a lot of work repairing and restoring local buildings but has also undertaken an increasing number of commissions for new build and contemporary structures, as well as outdoor fireplaces, garden follies and huts. Katy and Adam not only work with cob, they live in a partially cob built house in an extended series of building and outhouses, some of which were listed in the Domesday Book. In the grounds of their home they have built a meditation house with a ‘living’ grass roof where they enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the rural setting. Cob in Cornwall recently won a Pioneers Award sponsored by The Prince of Wales Trust. Writer more images see 2492

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