Palm Tree House

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This example of modern architecture takes its name from the large palm trees that surround it, and whose rich fronds intrude into the house itself. This is the home of Todd and Lisa, and located at the head of a canyon in San Diego in Southern California. Todd, a machine tool broker, wanted a building made out of recycled materials which he himself could source, mainly sheet metal and wooden beams, and he called on the services of the experienced architects Safdie-Rabines to create a three storey home on a plot which had already several mature palm trees. Todd’s wife Lisa, a fashion photographer, was also fully involved in the project, lending her eye to the style as well as helping the ingenious solutions of the architects of how to build and support the structure amidst and around, and without compromising, the trees. Brightly coloured yet simple in design, the home fully lived up to its expectations – it is an environmentally conscious structure, fully immersed within and respecting its natural surroundings, which give not only give it its unique quality but also offers the floor to ceiling windows and open terraces on each storey some privacy from the street above and from across the canyon. The interiors are simply laid out with modern furnishings and bright colours as well as with local cactus plants, which both complement and enhance the sunny and airy feel of the house. This is living with nature in the middle of a major city. Writer Adam Butler -

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