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Welcome to the world of Steve Edge. Monday to thursday Designer in his east end studio, then on fridays he escapes in his land rover with his family of seven down to the rural charm of deepest darkest surrey, to the woods, and to the log cabin he has restored with his own fair hands. He says the Cabin 'Revives' him and come sunday he is ready to face the modern world again after a weekend of wood burning and simple pleasures. The Original Cabin was built in 1934 and all open plan. in renovation he has rem,ained faithful to feeling of the original design and rarely buys new materials for the job..'Its all about recycling' he says. All his building knowledge is entirely self taught, his only aid was a Canadian book his father found him on how to build your cabin or modern vacation home. So if he's not patching something up inside he'll be outside lighting the barbecue, or fishing for wild brown trout to put on it..' i wouldn't want to be anywhere else on earth ' he says with a grin. Writer

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