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Artist Jessica Zoob moved with her family from London to Lewes in Sussex in 2004 and took on a two bedroom wreck that has been gutted from top to toe, allowing them to add a third bedroom. Interior design is another profession she briefly embraced and it shows in the attention to detail throughout this small, but perfectly formed, home. Fake walls of tongue-and-groove conceal everything from clothes to toys, while walls of polished plaster create a calm canvas on which her own work - and that of their many artistic friends - is displayed. There is a beach hut feeling to her home, which gives her real pleasure: “Since moving here, I do feel as though we are on holiday all the time”. Her studio adjoins the house and her two young daughters are the only people allowed through the door when she is painting. The house has been designed to be as child friendly and low maintenance as possible: “There are so many things in my life I love to do: painting, being with the children, swimming, dancing, walking - the last thing I want is to be fussing over a house. Keeping things calm allows me to focus”. Writer

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