Split Personality

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Journalist and author, Helen Chislett, bought this Victorian rectory in East Sussex with her husband, John Enock, 15 years ago when it was a neglected wreck of a house Since then, it has been transformed into a much-loved family home for Helen, John, their two daughters Rosie and Florence - and of course Punch, the Cairn terrier. The family has filled it with the objects and paintings they love over the years, although now it is fit to bursting. As Helen says: “This will never be a size O house”. In addition, they have renovated an adjacent coach house, converting it into a pretty two bed, two-bath guest house-come-holiday let. While the main house is filled with colour, books, paintings and junk shop finds, the coach house has been designed to be as calm and restful as possible - perfect for those search of a quiet retreat close to the sea. Writer helen@helenchislett.comin

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