Urban Renewal

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Two designers specialising in revival and renovation give their Scandinavian-style London home a bright, airy overhaul. Jonathan Parkin and Jenny Lloyd are best described as transformers. They have the ability to take something unwanted or past its prime and change it into something desirable. Take their North London home: when they bought it nine years ago, it had been on the market for a while and was regarded as a “tricky” property. The single-storey building was “a bit like a hut, really”, says Jonathan. “The walls were mainly wood with small windows. It had been designed as a Scandinavian-style building, but lacked any feeling of light and space. We also had difficulty getting insurance because of its timber frame and flat roof.” Undeterred, the couple and their children moved in and, over the next five years, they virtually rebuilt the place. Most of the exterior walls were replaced with large glass panels and skylights were added. Removing walls to open up the living space reconfigured the internal layout. Writer vinnylee@btinternet.com

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