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With an MA in English and Ethnology, today academic texts are replaced by textiles as Minna Speer Schneider Larsen runs her own company Poppy Rose, which designs clothes and accessories for children and ladies combining fabrics by Liberty in England and Scandinavian style. Married to Jens-Jacob, they share a home with their two children, a home which has truly undergone extensive renovation. "We were doing a total renovation of the house. All the old has been torn down! Nothing is left from before" says Minna. Walls and ceilings were plastered up and painted, in places the old rough wooden floors were broken up and replaced by large square Italian tiles. "I think we have optimised our desire for functionality in everyday life, light and stylish design. It's been fantastic to have had the opportunity to put our own stamp on the beautiful setting that we think the house has." Writer Catrine Mannerup

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