A Family Affair

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Surrounded by safely drawn up and traditional wooden ‘Lego’ houses stands a solid brick house painted in white, slightly different than the rest in its class… This house, on the edge of town, or should one dare to call it suburbia, has been a generational home since the fifties, and its inhabitants always a design-conscious lot. Halvor Thorsen, and Jennifer Valone Thorsen have recently taken over a section of the house were Halvor grew up. The house, which his grandfather built, has since been redone to fit Halvor’s fathers vision of a life for him and his family. The clean, and tidy look of this place is partly due to Jennifer’s ability to create enough storage space. In an almost invisible way, Jennifer has managed to create enough closets and cupboards to store away everything that isn’t being used at the moment. Whole walls have been covered in shelves or closets. In the TV room, a black and white painting by American artist Ben Sham bough covers nearly the whole wall, becoming a focal point even when seen from the living room. Writer elisabeth.aarhus@gmail.com

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