Living The Dream

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This 16th century Wealden hall house is set deep in the Sussex countryside, at the end of a pot-holed track surrounded by ponies and wild deer. Ruth and Mike Edwards' farmhouse has been relaunched as the Cutting Edge Food & Wine School (now relocated to London). Comfort and warmth are Ruth’s main priorities for the interior, with plenty of earthy colours and quiet florals. Oak beams predominate, so the walls have been painted mainly white, making a clean backdrop for family paintings and other mementoes. Ruth has found a business that mixes her love of people with her love of food: “I never realised how wonderful it would be to meet all the people who come here, and to share their experiences of food. There are some really magical moments - for example, eating absolutely classic sushi made with fish bought on the beach that morning, in my own house in the middle of nowhere. That seems to me a huge benefit”. Writer

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