How one couple made Wallpaper cool again.

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Handpainted in gold, embroidered on silk – designers Lizzie Deshayes and Tim Butcher have turned humble wallpaper into a work of art, and transformed their dark flat into an exotic refuge. “When we moved in, we knew it was a dark apartment and couldn’t pretend otherwise, so we decided to go with it and make the place moody and magnificent.” So says Tim Butcher of the Victorian mansion block flat in West London he shares with his wife, Lizzie Deshayes. He’s not exaggerating about the darkness. Not only is the ground-floor apartment hidden behind tall, dense hedges, but the internal corridor has no natural light and the bedroom and bathroom windows face a courtyard. But what the place lacks in daylight, it makes up for with period style, which comes in the form of 11ft-high ceilings and, in the sitting room, an elegant bay window. Writer

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