Vintage Schoolhouse Renovation

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Homework has been given an entirely new meaning by the owners of this once-abandoned century-old schoolhouse in Canada. Instead of poring over books, Martin Gagnon and Jean-Luc Leblond have laboured lovingly to transform this derelict building by the sea into a charming country home. Built in 1903 the old school overlooks the St. Lawrence River by the small village of Métis-sur-Mer, Quebec; where driftwood, rollers, found objects, and vestiges left behind by schoolchildren now form a coherent whole. "We've always dreamed of having a Métis-sur-Mer summer residence, we simply fell in love with it.” Determined to preserve the history and architecture of the building the two owners are passionate about the recovery of old buildings and objects, they like to recover, recycle and reclaim. Vintage finds that add to the time-worn ambiance of this rustic decorating scheme, were sought out riverside, from flea markets and small antique shops, as well as visits to garage sales or roadside vendors. With a talent to re-interpret the object imagination and effort went into this vintage schoolhouse renovation. Writer Philippe Saharoff -

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