Nice village, I'll take it

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When Brunello Cucinelli, the cashmere king of Italy, bought a huge house in a 14th-century hill town, he couldnít stop there. He had to have the town as well If you had to describe your dream home, it would probably be much like Brunello Cucinelliís. The cashmere mogul lives in a 17th-century manor house in Umbria, just up the road from Perugia. Itís set in an impossibly romantic 14th-century hill town, which he also owns and which forms the HQ of his business empire. And casa Cucinelli is the dream: flagged floors and vaulted ceilings, 400-year-old charm with 21st-century air conditioning. The house is filled with Renaissance art and antiques, the gardens with cicadas and cypress and olive trees. Terraces lead off every room and thereís even a choice of swimming pools, for goodnessí sake Ė indoor for winter, outdoor for summer. If Cucinelli werenít such a nice, sincere chap, you could easily hate him. Or at least not buy his clothes in protest. But itís difficult to begrudge him his house, because heís worked incredibly hard for it, hauling himself up from humble beginnings. Writer Hilary Rose

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