Star in the east

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The hipsters of the East End take some persuading Ė but it looks like Shoreditch House is going to be Britainís hottest new club. The arrival of Nick Jonesís Soho House group in Londonís oh-so-Noughties East End was not a wholly simple affair. With the original Soho House Ė opened in 1995, in Soho Ė now synonymous with vodka-and-tonic-swilling media types, and its Notting Hill outpost, the Electric, heaving with BlackBerry-toting movie princesses (male and female), some people had started to feel that the brand was a little stale. How did he expect such a complacent, commercial group to slip seamlessly into Britainís hippest neighbourhood? You can put as many bowling alleys as you like in your venue, or rooftop swimming pools, zinc-topped bars, City views, billiard tables and the worldís longest Chesterfield (itís 52ft long, cost £35,000 and is covered in mustard mohair), but the cool crowd wonít buy in if they think itís full of the wrong people. Writer Kate Spicer

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