The Blue Room

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The owner of this classically decorated apartment in Oslo, lives for, with and off the arts. Her home has become the essence of style, with the knowledge, experience and fine art she has collected over the years. Besides being a representative for one of the UK's major auction houses in Norway, she has designed everything from cruise ships to hotels chalets and Royal rooms. It's an adventure to go exploring in this art expertsí home. From the elegant hall, open living room with light from two sides and a ringside seat to the Oslo Fjord and the Kiel ferry's approach. But if one takes the opposite way you are in the blue room, suddenly, with little over five meters to the ceiling! The 70 m≤ room appears as a gallery for fine antiques and art, as well as library and music room, but also as a perfect gathering place for friends and a large family. The mix of old and new, Norwegian, Swedish, French and Asian culture all testify to the owners' interests and travels. Writer Elisabeth Aarhus -

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