White Cube

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White and delicious. Sky High ceilings with soaring walls and windows opening up to the great world. Well executed craftsmanship, and materials selected from the top shelf. In the middle of Oslo, is an uncompromising white cube. The loft on Fagerborg includes what housing agents call a rare occasioning. There are no unsightly beams in their way, either visually or practical. And unlike in many other loft-conversions, one must not stand on tiptoes to reach the outside world through peepholes that only let in some light, but does not provide an overview of what's happening on ground level. Top floor and attic has now become one, and it's all about the big white room, a white cube, as it is called in the art world, without being in any way square. The Norwegian design studio WORK has put a strong mark on it, in that everything unnecessary has been cleaned away. At the same time all the necessities are retained in all their simplicity. Very precisely, just right, as with their office philosophy - the goal of the apartment was to have such a pure expression that anything that is added will have an effect, rather than it being a framework that governs the expression. Always evolving, never stagnant. Writer Elisabeth Aarhus - elisabeth.aarhus@gmail.com

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