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With a mix of the poetic and strange, Tone Dalenís created small still lifes which seem to move from here to there as the light travels around the room. And yet, sheís done nothing here except fill the place with herself, her things and her art. Not a single square meter has been designed, constructed or refurbished. Things have been placed intuitively as theyíve been accumulated, found, received as gifts or made by herself. 'For me the fun of owning your own apartment is that you can make as many holes as you like in the walls,..'. Tone says that, in summer, when the light fills the apartment nearly all of the time, she removes the visual white noise. However, when autumn has made its arrival and the long period of Nordic darkness is a fact, she wallpapers the walls with pictures again, mixing new purchases with earlier work ... For each season, she makes a new exhibition in her own private gallery at St. Paulís Place... Writer Elisabeth Aarhus -

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