Freddie's Loft

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This astonishingly spacious loft apartment spanning over 3600 square feet is located within a former British Legion poppy factory overlooking the busy Kings Cross station in central London. Freddie Daniells, a financial marketing consultant, found this space when the building was being sold, and unlike many developments, each apartment was being offered as a raw industrial space, without plumbing, electricity or any amenities. The layout was therefore entirely the creation of Freddie, his girlfriend Michaela, and the architects they employed. Freddie wanted a huge open space for entertaining and living, with separate dining, cooking and relaxation areas delineated by the layout of the furniture. A single spacious bedroom with a dramatic glass surrounded ensuite bathroom was built, along with an office for Freddie, and the rest of the space was left open. Iconic pieces of designer furniture and furnishings are de rigeur, along with Vitsoe shelving units and a sleek bespoke kitchen in the middle of the cavernous space, which is punctuated by the occasional splash of terracotta red on a wall and the exposed brickwork, a vestige of the buildingís former industrial origin. Writer Adam Butler

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