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Fiona Adamczewski was born in South Africa and her strongest childhood memories are of the beach house where she and her family spent weekends and holidays. The political situation drove her out when she was a young adult and since then she has lived in Ireland, Italy, Greece and England. Now she has settled in Lewes, East Sussex where her tiny flat still evokes the happiness of those early seaside holidays. Decorated in greys throughout, it is simply furnished - but everything within it is a piece in the jigsaw of Fionašs life. There are the hand-made objects she has collected throughout a long career promoting British crafts; the pebbles gathered from favourite beaches; the corks that remind her of happy evenings spent with friends; and the baskets collected from around the world. Not surprisingly, Fionašs softly minimalist style - one she first put together in the 50s long before it became fashionable - has provided inspiration to many, including fashion designer Margaret Howell and Fionašs daughter-in-law, Helene, who runs a kitchenware shop opposite that is as calm, simple and sweet-smelling as Fionašs own bijou flat. Writer

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