Rabih Hage

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When they bought the late 19th-century apartment, developers had already created what Justine calls “dead-boring cream four-bedroom flat without any personality at all”. It had no soul, no sexiness. That’s where the French-Lebanese interior designer Rabih Hage came in. Hage’s shop on London’s Sloane Avenue had caught Mike’s eye, with its mix of clean furnishings, tactile, rich fabrics and luxurious fittings. He was quickly employed and created what Justine now calls that of “a trendy, warm, modern hotel”. The couple’s boudoir is the former model’s favourite space, she says, because of its mix of masculine and feminine touches: black leather-effect walls and dark, thick-pile carpets with tinkling white chandeliers, mauve-and-copper paint effects, mushroom-shaded throws and sequined cushions. In the living space, Hage’s creativity is revealed not just in his choice of colours – an autumnal mix of berry reds, plums, aubergines, mushroom greys with copper walls – but fabrics and styles. Curtains that look like shot silk are in fact Elitis PVC. An 1930s Eileen Gray-style room divider doubles as a sofa. Black lacquer screens act as light filters in front of uplighters. The overall effect is dramatic, theatrical – and even amusing. Writer lisa-g@freeuk.com

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