Julia’s Clancey’s

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Stylist to the stars, turned fashion design Julia’s Clancey’s home is an unashamedly girlie girl’s world. Over the past four years, she’s transformed her one-bedroom garden flat into a frou-frou wonderland of crystal chandeliers, pastel chinoiserie and delicate Louis XV style furniture dripping in diamante jewellery. All this fancy femininity – at its most saucy in the Madame de Pompadour boudoir – is artfully balanced elsewhere by some cool Eileen Gray classics, bold seventies lighting and a playful dash of kitsch. It’s pretty, witty and bright, like the lady of the house, whose exotic silk and chiffon birds of paradise frocks have graced the likes of Kelly Brook and Lisa Scott Lee. Some people may not like to bring work home, but Clancey’s creations are intricately interwoven; they are the very fabric of her flat. Past collections flutter about the place, softening the walls of her bedchamber like silken drapes, whilst her body jewellery adorns mirrors and mantelpieces like artworks. Entire rooms emerged in tandem with particular collection Writer bethan.ryder@gmail.com

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