Festive Finesse

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Violise Lunn is a fashion designer graduated from Denmark Design School who always returns to her childhood home at Christmas. Here she adds her finesse and creative personal touches to the decorations to prepare for the festivities. Violise specialises in the design and making of one of a kind pieces of clothing for women - evening wear, dresses, accessories, bridal wear and unique pieces of daily wear. Violise also has a fantastic collection of stunning fabrics, brought home from her many travels around the world. The fabrics and the stories behind them are her main source of inspiration. Alongside creating these wearable items, Violise has designed china collections for Royal Copenhagen and her other passion is making unwearable items from the simplest textile of all: paper. Violise’s decorative creations and furnishings at home are a blend of flea market bargains, enhanced travel finds and homemade charms available from www.violise.dk. Writer Pernille Enoch.

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