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Art House may be a term more often associated with a type of movie but to go though the glossy black front door of graphic designer Morag Myserscough’s live/work space in East London is to enter a realm where colour, pattern and self-confessed obsessions are artfully showcased. Myerscough, her partner artist and musician Luke Morgan and their shaggy dog Lemmy live in a converted pub built on a corner site, so the main living room is L shaped with windows on two sides, and it was this room that sold the place to Myerscough. “I had lived in a terraced house with long narrow rooms and when I saw this wide open space I instantly loved it” she says. Apart from painting the walls white and taking the Shaker-style doors off the kitchen units the core of the building is pretty much as it was when she bought it five years ago. The decoration and furnishing is compiled from many contributions and locations. There are plates and prints by Luke, as well as a surgical tubing light shade and decorated wooden stools made in collaboration with Morag. Writer

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