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In the cosiest corner of the island of Amager, a stone's throw from downtown Copenhagen, is the most beautiful house with soul and charm. ?The Nielsen's white house is situated in an oasis where artists, inventors, executives and a host of other pleasure seekers have found peace and the base for privacy. The house was renovated and refurbished from a-z. The decor is interesting with renovated flea market bargains, fine collectibles and beautiful hand painted furniture. ?The Nielsen family consists of Lena, her husband and their three children. Lena’s owns the shop Rue 3, where she sells delicious luxury vintage clothing. There are many things you can explore, but space does not in any way feel overcrowded. Everything is carefully set up and placed so that it fits together. The overall picture is simple and beautiful, the furniture is a mix of new and old with soul and history. The couple have painted and refurbished benches, chests, chairs and shelves they purchased at flea markets and inherited. The furniture is matched to each other and makes the design personal and stylish; yet cosy and implemented.

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