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If it were not for the Spanish flu, there wouldn’t have been a summerhouse here. In the years 1917-1920, thousands died in Norway as a result of this epidemic. As a special note of thank you for having cared for and saved a nearby landowner’s family, - Dr. Ringvold was allowed to pick whichever piece of land he wanted by the sea on the family’s property. He ended up with Solstrand, meaning sunny beach… This was the early part of the twentieth century in Norway, and having a vacation home surrounded by wild nature was just becoming fashionable. Forty years ago, the property changed hands, but the family who moved in, continued the tradition of mixing furniture and styles in imaginative ways. The house was taken over 'as is', and much of what was there from the previous owners, still has its place to this day. The house has three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and a large living room with four-meter tall ceilings. In addition there’s a small cottage on the property. This cabin, originally intended for lumberjacks, now periodically houses the youngest son in the family, an artist. -It’s so quiet out here that for large parts of the day, the only sound I hear is the ocean and the winds outside, he says. Covering the walls is a mix of fishing tackle and hardware, bathrobes and old sailor-paintings, and through the window he has an unobstructed view of the sea. Writer

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