The patchwork house of Peckham

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Re-upholstered, sewn, restored and reclaimed: nothing goes to waste in this South London home “I love colour, but like to be able to change it or move it around on a whim,” says Cassandra Ellis as she wanders through the Victorian terraced house near Peckham Rye, South London, she shares with advertising executive Ed Prichard and their dogs, chocolate Labrador Mr Darcy and terrier Lily. Ellis and Prichard moved into their three-bedroom home six months ago from a flat in a converted municipal building in Clapham and immediately set to work gutting and decorating. The result of their labours is a crisp, clean backdrop of pristine white walls, white or stripped-wood floorboards and matt black doors. However, as Ellis opens one of those doors into a first-floor bedroom, a shock of colour hits you. The bed is covered with a vibrant orange, pink, yellow and white quilt and the bedside lampshade in pink silk with a red floral print. One reason the couple moved here was the extra space, not only inside but outside. The garden was big enough for a studio, bought in kit form on eBay, and it is in this building, shaded by weeping willow and surrounded by mint and lavender and a raised vegetable bed, that New Zealand-born Ellis creates the patchworks for which she is becoming known. Writer

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