Zoe's Apartment

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Set on a quiet residential street overlooking the open expanses of Paddington Rec park is the apartment of Zoe V, a young fund manager who moved to London from her native Croatia in 2008. She found an Edwardian era mansion block apartment that hadn’t been refurbished in over 40 years, and being someone not to be daunted by any challenge, she set about hiring a team of builders and decorators to tear down walls, rip up floorboards, and bring it bang up to date. For the next 6 months, her life revolved around this project. Her evenings were spent overseeing the work and her weekends seeking out furnishings, artworks, and decorative objects, not to mention fireplaces, baths, window blinds and door handles. Her personal odyssey became a labour of love, and the results are stunning – a feeling of freshness, lightness and airiness flows around the spacious rooms, each decorated with taste and style. Bright sunshine permeates the spacious living area, a comfortable and welcoming room featuring, earthy tones, and a variety of textures, enhanced by the glow of the fireplace and the warmth of the oak floor. The kitchen is epitomised by the sleek and minimalist black granite and steel of modernity, and the apartment also features an outdoor terrace and an office for Zoe to work in. Writer Adam Butler

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