Hallings Gate

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‘I would be lying, if I didn’t admit to having an almost uhealthy relationship to my surroundings.., that is, to the visuals of my immediate environment- as in my own home..’  Elisabeth Aarhus, a Norwegian photographer and writer continues: -This may sound silly to some people, but I have come to realize that I intuitively think compositions even in my own apartment, and that I can not stop doing so. My experience of space and visual qualities are highly sensitive, she laughs.. Her apartment at St.Hanshaugen in Oslo stands out among the Scandinavian muted shades of  beige... With it’s dark colours, big patterns and beautiful old furniture, it takes you on a little journey inspired by her work and her years in England. Still, she claims to having toned it down a little, as she lives with artist boyfriend Morten Andenaes and her three kids. Writer Elisabeth Aarhus - elisabeth.aarhus@gmail.com

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