Ann Kelley

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Ann Kelley has arguably the most beautiful view in England. Her cliff-top house looks directly down onto Porthkidney beach, St Ives. She and her husband, Rob, initially bought it as a holiday home, but found they loved it so much they could not bear to move. Now its relaxed simplicity - clapperboard exterior, tongue-and-groove walls, washed-out colours - is reminiscent of a Californian beach house. It is also the place where Ann works as a photographer, writer and poet - and where she runs her highly successful poetry workshops, Write By The Sea. The short walk from the car to Ann Kelleyšs cliff-top house is not for the faint-hearted. Not only does it mean navigating a steep narrow, loose-stoned path but crossing a single track railway - still very much in use - with nothing but onešs ears to indicate whether a train is approaching. With eyes cast down looking for potholes, it is not until you walk into the airy sitting room that the surroundings hit you. Ann has quite simply the best view in England. Writer

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