Ocean Colour

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This old house of La Flotte that was once a munitions depot has a page in the history of the island. It was the front post at sea, defending the interests of France against the English who had invaded La Rochelle... Since then, this barricade has been turned into a row of cabins, side by side like ramparts looking out on to the beautiful Ré Island. Completely redesigned, the house rises from its past; a monochromatic home with gentle shades of white and grey punctuated with red accents. Roland and Michele wanted to create a space that contrasted their surroundings with its own harmonious nuances; yet the atmosphere remains that of the ocean. The taste of beautiful things, noble materials and curtains, with subdued, light linens; the rooms all have a different charm. Small, they are no less comfortable in this holiday home with the ocean view and multiple nuances. Writer Christine Besson - christinebesson@wanadoo.fr

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