A Palace in the Tangier Kasbah

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Gipy Richemont and his wife Laura Welfing, the designer,have a home at the heart of the Kasbah in Tangier, hidden somewhere in this chaotic labyrinth of steep streets. Entrenched in a recess, the entrance of this palace is hidden from view as a secret passage, almost invisible if you do not pay specific attention. The place is full of history, first owned by the Consulate of Spain in the 19th century then a Koranic school and finally the owned by a holy man. In addition to its rich past it enjoys a stunning position, suspended from the cliff it overlooks entirely the medina and the port of Tangier. Cultivating the unusual and eclectic the interior encompasses red walls with peeling paint, abundantly placed fruit cups, centerpieces, cut crystal decanters or fish-shaped, colored glass; silverware alongside Flemish paintings, portraits of emperors, queens and marble statues. This Aladdin's cave has no other horizon than the vast ocean on which all the windows open. In this eclectic renovated palace different styles are mixed with each other just to make a more homogeneous and unique decor. Writer Philippe Saharoff - philippe.saharoff@wanadoo.fr

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