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By interweaving new features with old, designer Michael DíSouza has breathed new life into a 17th-century tapestry works on the banks of the Thames. There are those who say a real home is a place with a past, where memories are made and cherished. If this is so, Michael DíSouzaís South London flat qualifies easily, for it is steeped in history, some of it of DíSouzaís own making, the rest stretching back through the centuries. Once a tapestry works patronised by Charles I. The 17th-century bones of the building are visible in its dark wood, rib-like beams. DíSouza renovated and restored the place, realigning and refurbishing the wooden window frames and shutters and adding a contemporary Alno kitchen. When he asked about replacing the bowing beams in his bedroom, an architect advised, ďLeave them be. Theyíve been there for over 400 years and wonít be going anywhere fast.Ē Writer

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