Black and white in Paris

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Paris is a city on the move, there are lots of building sites; in the formerly neglected old parts people are recreating areas of beauty, new owners appear. Interior architect Julien Bâteau of Vues d’intérieurs had a good idea of the apartment he wanted and located in a typically Parisian building it was love at first sight... and yet, it was in a state of extreme deterioration; uninhabited for fifteen years, it had no electrical installation or heating. Great potential to work with! The 50m2 apartment would be divided in two, one side for day and one side for night. Since very young, Julien preferred black and white to other colours: white, pure, chic and refreshing for the lounge dining room; black, conducive to the relaxation and sleep in the bedroom. "I find that black liberates and gives an extremely warm and soothing atmosphere." Writer Christine Besson -

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