Marchini's Loft

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The Parisian interior designer Maurice Marchini is of Italian-Tahitian descent, and clear traces of his heritage can be seen in his loft where he lives by Kings Cross in central London. The wide open, former industrial space is used to great effect, and is filled by a large selection of multifarious objects which help create and delineate separate spaces within the whole but also add an air of exoticism and flair. Objects from Polynesia mix with antique Louis XIII furniture, African fertility symbols, shield and funeral pots, classic Eames chairs, a 19th century French armoire, 1920’s lamps, a Buddha and various objects from Thailand and China, as well as an oversized “Gulliver“ rope and wood chair by Julienne Dolphin-Wilding, a mirror console form Andrew Martin and an Albrissi coffee table. The massive exposed concrete beams are softened by the pale oak flooring, and the kitchen top is also constructed from concrete. The bedroom and bathroom are modern and sleek, and eminently comfortable, but the entire look of this apartment is very much in keeping with an open plan, contemporary style of living, but thankfully without any hint of minimalist restraint. Writer Adam Butler

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