Allegra Hicks

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When fashion-cum-interior designer Allegra Hicks and her furniture designer husband, Ashley, were asked to work their magic over the apartment owned by property developer Pierre Brahm, she was reluctant. Not only did it have three tiny bedrooms, but a passage-like kitchen, a minute dining room, and bathrooms situated on different levels to bedrooms. About a quarter of a million pounds later, the flat is a mini Hicks kingdom, with everything put together by the couple: from the wallpapers, carpets and fabrics (by Allegra) to the cupboards, bathroom, chairs, desks, sofas, and library shelving (by Ashley). Itıs extraordinarily lavish, as youıd expect, yet excessive money hasnıt been spent where it wasnıt needed, Hicks insists. Most of the cupboard doors and bookshelves are made of MDF. The artworks are photographs taken by Ashley. On most windows, simple Roman blinds in muted colours keep out the light. Itıs the hand-picked ornaments and custom-made furniture that the couple have selected that bring the flat alive: a stingray-skin red vase by R&Y Augousti, vases by William Yeoward, a 1970s chandelier by Venini, bought in Goldborne Roadıs Les Couilles du Chien, a pair of black and white pots from Babylon. Writer

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