Mark Brazier Jones

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Furniture designer Mark Brazier Jones has been called the designer-laureate of metal, and his wonderfully eccentric Hertfordshire home is furnished with his works of metallic art. Chairs have silver hooves; chandeliers feature old headlamps from Indian trains; and mirrors have been worked into the shape of a vagina. Brazier Jones has designed furniture for A-list stars including Brad Pitt, Madonna and Karl Lagerfield, and seen his pieces exhibited in the V&A and The Louvre. But while this former workman’s cottage is home to many of his grand designs, it is surprisingly comfortable and even, dare we say, cosy. The living room, with its gold painted floorboards and huge open fire, oozes light and warmth, while the bathroom features a silver roll top bath that begs you to soak by candlelight. Rich fabrics mix with humorous junk shop finds throughout, and the overall effect is rich, decadent and absolutely unique. Writer

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