Gil Carvalho

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It's enough to make Imelda Marcus swoon, or any shoe-loving party girl for that matter. Glossy candy-coloured killer heels and vertiginous 4-inch boots litter the plush slate-grey carpet and polished surfaces of Gil Carvalho's 'Studio 5', like decadent artworks awaiting an audience. And they do get one; an appreciative mix of fashionistas, City professionals, arterati, Euro-royalty and celebrities, who are only too keen to snap them up. You see, Carvalho's apartment isn't your average live-work space. More salon than studio, it is here that the 28-year-old shoe designer hosts his 'by appointment service' and occasionally exclusive Champagne soirees to introduce friends and clients to his latest collections. Celebrity devotees so far include Madonna, Kim Cattrall, Kylie and Victoria Beckham. Carvalho, as his shoes attest, has an instinctive flair for colour, structure and proportion. High palatial ceilings, art deco pieces and abundance of over-sized mirrors and artworks lend the one-bedroom Paddington apartment, which he shares with his partner Sean Powell, a grandeur belying its rather modest square footage. Writer

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