The boathouse

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The inevitability that the house will dissappear under the sea is the first thing you realise about this wonderful seaside home. The owners are Childerns book illustrators and you can imaginge many of their creations came to light one afternoon sitting drwaing whilst the waves lapped at the house's feet. the house was formerly a boathouse, then dimantled during WW1 to make way for a gun emplacement only to be rebuilt exactly the same after the war had ended! It has withstood the elements but eventually will be engulfed by the sea as when they bought the home it was 15metres its only a metre away and the house has to be protected by sea Defences made out of railway sleepers. the person who uses the home most is Helen's daughter emily, also a designer ' Here i can shut off from things, and connect with nature' she tells us. And from the pictures you can see how. Writer

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