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The Norwegian painter Lise Simonnæs has found a superb work-space in her very own home. The funkis-like wooden house, all painted white, acts like a white cube for this red-haired artist. Together with her publisher husband, she’s proved once again that style is neither something that can be bought or easily acquired, but rather seems to emanate from within a good natured and nurtured heart.. The house was built just after the war with a modesty and sparseness customary at the time. This suited Johan Grieg Alberts and Lise Simonnæs quite well. When they arrived for the first viewing of what was to become their future home, it was the spoiled opportunities that attracted them and not the limitations of a somewhat fragile building. In it they saw a potential to create and transform the space into their very own, shared home. Here, the many-faceted publisher and the firy, ebullient painter found room enough for their distinct personalities and simple yet soulful belongings. Writer Elisabeth Aarhus -

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