Christmas Tree, Handmade Decorations & Chocolate Treats (Step by step Craft feature)

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Let your senses delight in the cosy rooms of the old Smakkegård where the scene is set with a family of four to celebrate the year's big event, Christmas. The pale wood flooring, white washed walls, the white-painted beam ceiling and small-paned windows provides the perfect setting for the imaginative theme for Christmas decorations from nature, for the Christmas tree, fireplace, cookie jar and not forgetting all the packages that can be found under the tree. The scent of pine and clementines tickles my nose wherever you are in the house and you can hardly wait to bite into the sweet smelling Christmas cookies. It rustles in the red embers in the fireplace and you feel the heat quickly, resulting in apple red cheeks. Let your eyes be captivated by the lush green fir, with its simple and exclusive ornaments that invite one to explore around the tree and investigate each hand made decoration. Writer Pernille Bustrup

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