Granny's hide out

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It used to belong to her Granny. Situated far out on the edge of a quiet little lagoon on the east coast of Norway, this wooden mini 'Nantucket-like' cottage was built to house a family of four in the summer season in the 40s. At that time it was painted yellow, measuring half the size it is now and even more sober looking than it stands today. The outside loo was built on a cliff, away from the main cabin, and with the most spectacular view. The cottage was then passed on to the daughter and then again a few years ago, the young Norwegian designer Hanna inherited this from her mother when moving back from her studying in Milan. What a treasure to return to..In order to accommodate her own family of four, and her own two daughters, she has now doubled the size and got the building into a more modern state of mind, without making it into a 'house' and without anyone being able to tell when passing the property by boat. They now have a bathroom, water and electricity. This feels like luxury to them, but more than anything-it is the time being spent there together, that is the real treat. Writer Elisabeth Aarhus -

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