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Between Chamonix and Argentière, these homeowners decided on this small semi-detached chalet. Popular, Chamonix always attracts so many people, both in the summer and winter and what they liked right away was the location. Easily accessible even when there is snow, it is on the roadside, and of course there is its proximity to Italy. I must say that this young couple is Italian, and he acquired the cottage for the holidays. Beautifully exposed, it grabs the first rays of the sun bathed in light, built on a foundation of dressed stone; it has a concrete structure covered with blond wood. With its traditional exterior, for the interior, the owners have opted for a "trendy decoration" but has still kept the spirit of the cottage using a wood trim in every room. Velvet cushions, cashmere plaid, chairs covered with sheets of wool felt curtains, dressers, a cowhide chest; a "cosy" decoration amongst its alpine setting. Writer Christine Besson -

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