Balancine, Guest house at the edge of the sea

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On the picturesque Ile De Re a marvellous 18th Century house, entirely renovated, opens its doors to reveal an interior full of charm with refined decoration. In the heart of vibrant St Martin, Balancine was purchased by Roland and his wife Michele who have a passion for interior decoration and adore hunting for antiques. As often in these small villages at the edge of sea, this guest house one of a series where they are all of the same appearance. “As much as possible we preserved the original materials of the beams and floors, but we increased some parts so that they are more luminous.” The interior pays homage to its location and is reminiscent of a boat; antique and shop bought finds live in harmony with rope and netting, as well as vintage fabrics and linens. Admittedly not very large, it is in spite of this very equipped and comfortable, keeping true the original style. Writer Christine Besson -

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