Le Mas de So, Provence

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In a very special place, located between Uzès and Avignon and in the heart of the Côtes du Rhône nestled within the vineyards, Stéphane and Sonia immediately fell in love with an 18th century stone house perched on a hilltop. An abandoned property for sale this small country house, or ‘mas’ a typical house in Provence, was quickly transformed into a 700 m2 habitable and restored luxury villa available to rent. The elegance and class of a modernised interior awaits discovery within an ancient stone structure basking in the sun. ?Stéphane and Sonia think, calculate and draw inspiration from Tadao Ando for minimalism, Robert Mallet-Stevens for its spatial qualities, Le Corbusier for space and light. Moving you from the exterior architecture of stone, concrete and wood to an interior which oscillates between pure white, dark grey and brick; to rooms of raspberries, purple, blue, lemon and green anise. This unique locale, a place of liveliness, charm, character and feeling is enjoyed by all. Writer Christine Besson - christinebesson@wanadoo.fr

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