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Inspired by the turn of the century cruise ships, architect Emmanuel Lenys designed a house much like a vessel run aground on the island of Re. Wild moorland descends gently into ocean rocks and at low tide many passers-by walk through the tranquil shores of this very secret beach; quite by chance when out for a walk, Myriam discovered an old house abandoned by the sea. It was in February and with architect Emmanuel Lenys, they made a bet to spend the holidays in this new residence. The challenge was set! In just nine months the construction and renovation, carried out by André Blanchet was complete. The main concern of all those involved was to respect as much as possible the wild aspect of the environment. The main body of the building, more than thirty metres long, used the dry stone native to the island and its nautically styled carpentry integrates seamlessly with the site, creating a continuity of materials. All objects were found during the nine months of construction, in France and England, some to reinforce the same theme: the sea. Writer Philippe Saharoff -

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