Scandinavian Rigor

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When clothing designer Annette Nordrup and her husband Kim got the opportunity to take over a first floor and unused attic in a red brick villa in the Danish neighbourhood they've always dreamed of, there was no doubt as to its location. The couple's eyes immediately saw too the potential within the property itself and with their heads full of ideas, they spent just half a year to renovate both floors. The staircase separating the two floors was crafted from beautiful Canadian ash and elsewhere original features such as the ancient JKE-kitchen cupboards have been taken down and given extended life with new doors. The property also has lots of light flowing between the rooms, which only adds to its inviting feel. The result is a charming family home that they share with their two sons, full of bright and harmonious Nordic design, exactly what the couple had hoped for. Here goes design, creativity and craftsmanship into a higher unity. Writer Catrine Mannerup

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